Compare Apples and Oranges!

Yooray is a web application, so no downloading. Yooray lets you search and combine anything to find unexpected matches.

Your Yooray fuses all your social networks, email and the web into a single hub. Create your free Got to Match account to explore your networks. 

Slide to Match

Yooray introduces Slide to Match: just slide the bubbles to combine friends, things or places with anything else. Yooray finds unexpected connections between them! 

Share your discoveries with friends, and when you find something astonishing, share it with us!

What makes Yooray so innovative?

Yooray has a smart graphic interface, backed by a powerful system for handling mass information. Like us, you will be amazed to see how random topics or persons are connected. Yooray takes information from different sources and connects everything in a way that is unique. Yooray is easy to use and our smart interface means minimal keyboard tapping: perfect for mobile devices! Yooray works on all major operating systems.

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