Everything you want to know about Yooray: Frequently Asked Questions

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General Support

What are the supported platforms?
Yooray’s Dynamic Search Interface is web based: www.yooray.com. For optimal performance, please update your browser software regularly, as older browser software may cause problems.

Which countries and regions are supported?
Yooray is available worldwide. Please note that the speed of the available Internet connection can affect the functioning of the application.

Can I install Yooray on my Android or iPhone?
No installation is required. Yooray is available for Android and iPhone through our website: www.yooray.com.

Basic Searching

How do I start?
Make your own free account and enjoy Yooray’s features.

How do I start a new search?
Click anywhere on the Yooray canvas and type to search. You can open as many queries as your screen allows.

How do I access the results I find?
Click on the big search bubble to see snippets of your results. Click a snippet to go to the result directly.

How do I access related information?
Just click the bubblings to view their topics.

How do I remove information I don't need anymore?
Bubblings can be removed with the “-”. They can be restored with the “+”.

How do I combine queries?
Drag a bubble and drop it on another one: Yooray shows you the match in a new bubble.

How do I retrace my search?
The top of your screen displays keywords of your search history. Selecting a word in this list takes you back to that step.

How do I zoom in and out on my canvas?
Use the scroll wheel or slide on your touch screen. Click Show All to return to the complete canvas.

How do I save my results?
Happy with what you found? Click Save and Yooray stores your information as a .jpg image. Some internet browsers support other file formats.

How do I share my results?
Clicking Share automatically stores your results and sends them to your friends with your personal message.

Using the Timeline

How do I access the timeline?
At the top of your screen you will find the timeline icon. This lets you select any timeframe of your choice. If you adjust the timeline, your search bubble will change its content accordingly.

How do I change the timeframe?
Yooray offers preset timeframes: simply select one from the menu. If you want to customise your timeframe, just drag the rims of the timeframe.

How do I reset my timeframe?
Simply click Reset in the timeline menu to return to the default timeline for that query.


What about privacy?
Yooray complies with the highest standards of data security and privacy protection: please read our privacy policy.

What information does Yooray store about me?
We temporarily store your search results so you can share them. By creating an account, you allow us to save a link to your social networks. This is necessary to provide you with our service of updates from your own accounts.

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